Workshops & Social Support

Your center definitely pulled me through a rock bottom time....I loved sitting in your comfy ‘living room’, chatting and learning to knit. It was so nice to have a social activity to go to. Sometimes it took all my strength to get myself there - but once there I was always so happy I went....Extremely caring women there.
— TWI client


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Would you like to enter our Challenge into Change Writing Contest, but are having a hard time putting pen to paper? Join us for one or both of our brown bag writing workshops:

  • Friday, August 29, 12 noon - 1 pm

  • Friday, September 19, 12 noon - 1 pm

  • Location: TWI Main office, 1101 East High Street, Suite A

Please contact Eboni Bugg, LCSW if you would like to know more, or are interested in attending.

Organize Your Life

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  • Tuesday, September 30, 6 - 8 pm

  • TWI Main Office, 1101 East High St, Suite A

  • LaKeshia Murray, Facilitator

Join LaKeshia Murray in organizing all the pieces of your household into a Home Management Binder. Keep all important numbers and documents together in one place while also creating a basic budget. You will have the opportunity to customize your binder with sections dedicated to children’s needs, grocery lists, an emergency plan, exercise schedules and much more!  This can be a very helpful tool in structuring your life and the binder can become a central hub for all family members to retrieve important information. Space is limited and registration is required. Please contact our main office for more information or to register. Call 434.872.0047, or email 

*Be sure to bring one month’s worth of bills and balances of bank accounts in order to create a budget.*



An architect sits down at her computer and draws the lines that will eventually form a solid, beautiful structure. In the same way, you can also sit down and begin to draw the lines that will eventually form the structure of the career you desire to pursue.

You start with a foundation and build your own future by learning:

  • How to build a resume that will be your marketing tool

  • How to become skilled at interviewing

  • How to effectively search for a job and to find and create your own career path

We will be offering a bi-weekly support group for women interested in learning these tools. Please contact Kirsten Franke, LCSW, if you are interested in attending or finding out more about this group. Email or call 434.872.0047.

Knit Now - Learn How

  • Starting again in September: Tuesday evenings, 5 - 7 and Thursday afternoons, 3 - 5

  • Location: The Living Room (1101 E High St.) 

  • Facilitator: Susan Schiffer

We welcome new or experienced knitters to our group. Knitting help and supplies are available free of charge. Come join us to chat, work quietly or listen to music while creating something fun or beautiful.

Knitting can “help take us through the big steps with little steps” from “The Knitting Goddess” by Deborah Bergman) one stitch at a time.  

Breathe - Silent Hour

  • Fridays, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

  • Location: The Living Room (1101 E High)

  • Facilitator:  Kirsten Franke, LCSW

Please join us to sit in quiet contemplation or meditation. In this hour of silence, you can attend for the full hour or fifteen-minute intervals.

Walking Group


Are you searching for a way to kick-start your energy, health, and well-being?  If so, our community partner,  C'ville Walks is kicking off its walking group on Saturday, May 3rd at the Charlottesville/Albemarle Health Department on Rose Hill Drive at 8am.  The group will meet each Saturday at various locations around Charlottesville and increase walking distance each week. The Women's Initiative will offer all C'ville Walks participants three wellness consultations focused on developing a personal health plan at no cost.   Hope to see you on Saturday!

C’Ville Walks is sponsored by the UVA Cancer Center, Ragged Mountain Running Shop and the Thomas Jefferson Health District.

For more information

  • Click here for full schedule / dates

  • C'Ville Walks:  Nila Saliba

  • The Women's Initiative:  Eboni Bugg, LCSW



Learn how to cultivate more joy in your life. This workshop is focused on emotional support and healing using open discussion, creative exercises and relaxation techniques. Please contact Eboni Bugg, LCSW if you would like a presentation for your group or agency.


  • Time - to be determined

  • Location:  The Group Room (TWI Main Office, 1101 East High Street)

  • Facilitators:  Christine Brodmerkel & Linda Cappacchione, LPC

This group offers members an opportunity to explore themselves through multi-modal expressive arts. Stepping outside of the business of daily life, we create a time for deepening into self through drawing, painting, writing, movement, vocalizing and more. The use of a variety of arts facilitates expression from different aspects of one's self and encourages an awareness and integration of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

Based on pioneering work of Natalie Rogers, which she called 'the Creative Connection,' this work is driven by the person-centered philosophy of her father, Carl Rodgers. Participants can expect to be supported at the level of expression that is right for them.

Activities include: free writing, collage painting, reading poetry, sculpture, movement to music, visualizations, voice toning drawing story telling. No previous art experience required. Free of charge and art supplies are provided.

Please contact Kirsten Franke, LCSW if you are interested in joining our next expressive arts group. Email: or phone: 434.872.0047 x 101