Workshops & Social Support

Your center definitely pulled me through a rock bottom time....I loved sitting in your comfy ‘living room’, chatting and learning to knit. It was so nice to have a social activity to go to. Sometimes it took all my strength to get myself there - but once there I was always so happy I went....Extremely caring women there.
— TWI client


8:00 AM Saturday Mornings, May 2 - August 1. Walkers of all ages and levels are welcome! Saturday, May 2 walk begins at the Charlottesville Health Department, 1138 Rose Hill Drive. Click here for the summer walking schedule.

Heartmath® Sessions

Practicing HeartMath® strategies helps to build your resilience and boost your ability to regulate your energy and emotions throughout the day. You will learn techniques to change the way your body responds in stressful situations so automatic stress reactions won't dictate how you feel, respond or perform. You can improve your ability to maintain your composure and clarity, even in challenging situations.

Sessions offered on Friday mornings by Laura Fiori, licensed HeartMath® Coach. Please call for more information or to sign up.


Knit Now - Learn How

  • Thursday afternoons, 3 - 5 pm
  • Location: TWI Main office, 1101 E High Street
  • Facilitator: Susan Schiffer

We welcome new or experienced knitters to our group. Knitting help and supplies are available free of charge. Come join us to chat, work quietly or listen to music while creating something fun or beautiful.

Knitting can “help take us through the big steps with little steps” from “The Knitting Goddess” by Deborah Bergman) one stitch at a time.  


  • Fridays, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

  • Location: TWI Main office, 1101 E High Street

  • Facilitator:  Kirsten Franke, LCSW

Please join us to sit in quiet contemplation or meditation. In this hour of silence, you can attend for the full hour or fifteen-minute intervals.




Learn how to cultivate more joy in your life. This workshop is focused on emotional support and healing using open discussion, creative exercises and relaxation techniques. Please contact Eboni Bugg, LCSW if you would like a presentation for your group or agency.