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All additional donations to this year’s Barn Party will have 4x the impact!
For example a $1,000 donation secures an extra $4,000 in support of our mental health services.

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For every $1 raised through this year’s Family Tree, the Department of Criminal Justice Services VOCA grant will provide $4 more!

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Over 90% of TWI clients are victims of crime, most commonly sexual assault and domestic violence. This abuse often translates to greater mental health need. That said, healing can and does happen. Through one-on-one counseling, women learn to reconnect with their deepest selves, honor their resilience and develop vital coping skills to address trauma.

Thanks to our 2019 Family Barn Party Committee for all their hard work!

Maylisa Baldwin | Carmen Bewley | Alex Bracey | Catherine Brown | Pam Calary | Hobby Cole | Kristin Cory | Cynnie Davis | Cassie Guy |  Bebe Heiner | Erika Jack (co-chair) | Laurie Kelly | Sarah Krishnaraj | Barkley Laing | Natasha Lawler (co-chair) | Jill Lerner | Meredith McClellan | Maggie Noland | Monica Prichard (co-chair) | Tricia Ramsey | Susan Sheeran | Heather Sieg | Lily West | Emily Westlake

Thanks to our 2019 Family Barn Party Sponsors. Without their support, this event wouldn't be possible!