How our Counseling Program Works

At the heart of our counseling program rests the compassion, understanding, and experience of our staff.  We provide mental health treatment for a variety of issues, such as depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and relationship problems. In the very first session we work with our clients to establish goals for healing and recovery.

Our staff uses a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches in order to best meet the unique needs of each woman. Our clinical team uses many types of treatment, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), interactive guided imagery, and stress management techniques. More than 80% of our clients experience improved well-being within a brief treatment model.

Women who see us typically report feeling a sense of relief after the first session when they discover what it feels like to join in a therapeutic partnership. From the first contact to the last, we are committed to creating a sense of safety, acceptance, reliability, and trust in our work.

If you are interested in receiving services, please call 872-0047.  Services are offered on a sliding scale and there are some services that are free and open to all women.

STAFF Therapists

  • Joanna Ajex, MA
  • Varinia Garcia Anderson, M.Ed.
  • Ashley Barlow, LPC
  • Elizabeth Cobb, LCSW
  • Judith Curry-El, PhD
  • Leigh Freilich, LCSW
  • Aisha Hayat, LPC
  • Elizabeth Irvin, LCSW
  • Liz Ramirez-Weaver, LCSW
  • Ingrid Ramos, LPC
  • Shell Stern, MSW
  • Alyson Stewart, MFT
  • Shelly Wood, MSW
  • Emily Zeanah Shelton, LCSW


  • Vivian Rodriguez Archilla, PhD
  • Kelli Block
  • Jose Bonilla, LCSW
  • Tim Breedlove, MA
  • Linda Capacchione, LPC
  • Bebe Heiner, LPC
  • Nealy Johnston
  • Donna Kaiser, PhD, LPC
  • Holly Kennedy
  • Emily Lewis, LCSW
  • Rebecca Mani, LCSW
  • Christy Pagels, LPC
  • Wendy Summer, LPC
  • Dana Morrissey