we provide vital mental health services for women regardless of ability to pay



The Mission of The Women's Initiative is to provide effective counseling services, social support and education to empower women to transform challenging life situations into opportunities for renewed well-being and personal growth.


The Women’s Initiative is a leader in providing innovative, effective evidence-based mental health care to women, regardless of their financial means.


We believe every woman has a natural capacity for healing that once uncovered and directed, results in better mental and physical health. We believe it is critical to address each woman’s unique emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

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The women's initiative news & Events

  • Free HeartMath® sessions with a licensed HeartMath® Coach now being offered on Friday mornings! 
Click on the calendar to see current offerings and events!

Click on the calendar to see current offerings and events!

Mental Health Resources & news

  • Recent study shows that people living in poverty are more adversely affected by mental illness
  • Check out this beautiful website giving voice to people who are coping with mental illness.
  • Bring Change 2 Mind is Glenn Close's organization dedicated to reducing the stigma of mental illness.