Bienestar Program

In the Southwood Basket-Weaving Group, women learn how to weave baskets as well as learn life lessons from the process of weaving.

In the Southwood Basket-Weaving Group, women learn how to weave baskets as well as learn life lessons from the process of weaving.

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The Bienestar Program seeks to create a safe space for Latina women to find solutions to their problems by honoring their own truth. Through Bienestar, we offer a space of understanding and cultural humility, operating under the notion that our clients come from different countries, each with their own roots, customs and traditions, and that each person has a different way of facing life challenges.

Bienestar focuses on counseling and psychoeducational services for Latina women and their communities in the Charlottesville / Albemarle region, in the following ways:


  • Workshops and presentations to the Latino community about stress management, mental health issues and parenting.

  • Presentations to community providers regarding awareness of mental health issues among Latinos and how to overcome cultural barriers to engage this population in health services.

  • Education and advocacy about mental health services for Latinos through CJ Mental Health Group.

Group Offerings

  • Grupo para Madres: Familias Saludables (Moms Group: Healthy Families)

    DONDE: Jueves de 10-11:30 am, Octubre 4-Noviembre 15

    CUÁNDO: Northside Library, 705 Rio Road.

    Varinia Anderson, MEd and Diana Grigera

    Hablaremos de: límites, tecnología, vida de hogar, vida en la escuela, disciplina efectiva y relaciones saludables

  • Entre Téjidos

    Una reunion para mujeres Latinas en Charlottesville. Un espacio para hablar, bordar, tejer, dibujar, pintar, tomar té y convivir. Se proporcionarán materials.

    Los Lunes: 12 de Noviembre, 19 de Noviembre, 3 de Diciembre, 10 de Diciembre, 5:15-7:15 pm. La Iniciativa para la Mujer, 1101 East High St., Charlottesville

    Organizada por Karina A. Monroy

    Solo 11 espacios abiertos por cada session. Por favor regístrese con Karina A Monroy por e-mail o teléfono:, 805-630-3796.

  • “Yo Puedo Cuidar La Salud de Mi Familia”: Talleres Transculturales de Salud y Bienestar para la Comunidad Latina” (“I Can Take Care of My Family’s Health: Cross-Cultural Workshops on Health & Wellbeing for the Latina Community)

  • ReadyKids Parenting Mobile Program at Southwood: Throughout the school year ReadyKids offers a play group for parents and children under 5 years old. Bienestar offers a 30-minute session for the mothers attending the Parenting Mobile, providing parenting and stress management psychoeducation.

Walk In-Clinic

We offer a walk-in clinic on the second Tuesday of the month, 5:15 to 8 p.m., at Sin Barreras at the Jefferson School City Center. The main goals of this clinic are to offer support to Latinos dealing with mental health issues and to provide appropriate referral to community services.   This clinic helps increase access to services by creating a first contact point with a grassroots organization, facilitating services in their native language, accommodating evening schedule and getting the service in a location where Latinos are accessing other services (one stop shop).

Tabling Events

Throughout the year Bienestar participates in tabling events targeting the Latino population in Charlottesville, including:

  • CJ Round Table

  • Southwood Market Day

  • Sin Barreras Help Fair

  • Southwood Back to School Festival