Groups and Social Support

The Women’s Initiative provides therapeutic support groups and social support opportunities in a safe, welcoming environment for groups that empower women and work to eliminate gender-based oppression. Current groups are listed below. If you have an idea for a group that you would like to facilitate or that you would like to see offered at TWI, please contact us.

women's support group

  • TIME: Tuesday evenings, 5:307 pm.
  • LOCATION: TWI Main Office, 1101 E High St

Women supporting one another through mutual sharing and validation. Each week we will focus on a different creative or physical activity to increase well-being. There will also be time to share and listen. Free and open to women—newcomers welcome each week. Please contact Donna Dean before your first meeting: email or call (434) 872-0047 ext. 101.

KnitTing Circle

  • DAY AND TIME: Thursday evenings, 5:30–7 pm.
  • LOCATION: TWI Main Office, 1101 E High St, Living Room
  • FACILITATOR: George Worthington

Please join us for knitting! We welcome new and experienced knitters. Knitting help and supplies are available free of charge.

NBC29 tells the story of our Knitting Circle helping local seniors calm restless hands with soft, homemade versions of fidget spinners. Want to participate in the twiddle muff knitting project? Pick up a kit at our main office, JABA Adult Care Center or Laughing Sheep Yarns

Private Swim for Muslim Women

An opportunity for Muslim women to gather and swim in a private setting. Transportation provided. For more information or to register, contact Leigh Freilich, LCSW, at (434) 872-0047 or

View the flyer here

New Mothers’ Support Group

This group is on hiatus for the summer. Check back for details.

We will meet each Monday to support women as they navigate the changes in life following the birth of their children. This drop-in support group is for postpartum women who are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety or simply trying to navigate their new role as a mother. The group focuses on giving support, learning skills for coping, managing the stress related to the transition to motherhood. Having social support from a group of other mothers has been shown to help in the recovery of pregnancy and postpartum mood changes. Open to all women, whether they have had their first baby or their fifth, and of course babies are always welcome. Group is free to all. View the flyer here.


The Charlottesville Trans* Peer Group offers support to transgender individuals of all ages and identities. Providing a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, this group meets the 3rd Saturday of each month, 5:30-7:00 p.m., at The Women's Initiative's main office at 1101 E. High Street, Suite A. For more information, visit

PFLAG Trans Families Group

This group focuses on transitioning families and the needs/experiences of parents of transgender and gender-variant youth and young adults. Supportive family members and transgender individuals of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. This group meets the 3rd Saturday of each month, 5:30-7:00 p.m., at 1101 E. High Street, Suite A. For more information, visit

Mothering Circle of Charlottesville

Connect with other mothers, support each other, and share your stories in a safe, nurturing environment. Open to all mothers and parenting styles. We meet the 4th Wednesday of every month from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the main office. More information available on the Facebook page for this group.

Separation & Divorce Support Group

  • TIME: Wednesdays, 12-1:15 pm, starting Aug. 16
  • LOCATION: TWI Main Office, 1101 E High St
  • FACILITATORS: Kelli Block and Nealy Johnston

Separation and divorce can feel like a “roller coaster ride” of powerful emotions. This group provides a safe environment for women to tell their stories and be with others who understand their experience. The format will include group discussion and reflection activities and exercises. The group will include women at different phases in the separation/divorce continuum who can validate each other and share information and experience while navigating the transition. 

Newcomers welcome each week, please register before attending your first session by calling (434) 872-0047 or e-mailing

Breathe and Move: Yoga and Meditation Group

  • TIME: Eight Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30 pm.
  • DATE: June 7-August 2
  • LOCATION:  TWI Main Office, 1101 E High St.
  • FACILITATORS: Linda Capacchione, LPC and Hannah Trible, MA

Uncover your inherent ability to release stress, refresh the body and mind, and approach everyday challenges with new perspective. We will practice gentle stretching exercises, conscious movement to music, and yoga flow to unlock tension within the muscles, and breathing exercises to help clear and calm the mind.  We will also connect with the healing power of nature and creative expression.  All women and all bodies welcome—no yoga or mindfulness experience necessary, and physical limitations will be accommodated.  You do not need to attend the entire 8-week session. Feel free to drop in!

View the flyer here

Be the Architect of Your Career

Resume-Writing Seminar

  • DAY AND TIME: Thursday, August 3, 5:30-7:30 pm
  • LOCATION: TWI Main Office, 1101 East High St.

An architect sits down at her computer and draws the lines that will eventually form a solid, beautiful structure. In that same way, you can also sit down and begin to draw the lines that will eventually form the structure of the career you desire to pursue. Start with a foundation and build your own future by learning how to build a resume that will be your marketing tool.

Space is limited. Call (434) 872-0047 to register

View the flyer here.

C'ville Walks With Heart

C’Ville Walks is an amazing group that has been promoting physical fitness and building community for over ten years in the City of Charlottesville. From June to August, women of all ages gather on Saturday mornings to walk for health. Each week, the group conquers new terrain and longer distances, working toward being able to complete a four-mile walk.

Click here for all the details and a full schedule.

Originally QCC Walks, the program is currently sponsored by the UVA Cancer Center, Brooks Family YMCA, UVA Heart Center, Ragged Mountain Running Shop, the Thomas Jefferson Health District and The Women’s Initiative.

West African dance

A Sister Circle Program

  • TIME: Check back for details about the next meeting of this group!
  • LOCATION: Chihamba Studio, McGuffey Art Center, 201 2nd St NW, C-ville
  • FACILITATOR: Lillie Williams

Join us for a West African dance and drumming class for women of color, in partnership with Charlottesville dance troupe Chihamba. In this fun and energetic hour, we will enjoy movement and rhythm, build community, and connect with our African ancestry as we explore the meanings and stories behind each dance.

Free. No registration required—newcomers welcome each month. No prior dance experience necessary, and all activity levels and ages (children included!) are welcome.

View the flyer here.

Sister Circle

This group is on hiatus for the summer. Check back for details.

A support group for black women to share experiences, build friendships, give and receive support. This is an opportunity for fellowship and to explore issues unique to the experiences of black women. Childcare provided. 

Trans People of Color Support Group

The Trans People of Color Support Group provides support and offers a safe space for transgender people of color and their supportive family members. Meets the 2nd Saturday of each month, 5:30-7 pm, at 1101 East High St, Suite A, Charlottesville. Newcomers welcome, no registration necessary. For more information, email Charley at


The Cross-Cultural Community Healing Partnership is a collaborative project comprised of refugee and immigrant community leaders, service providers and organizations committed to promoting healthy adjustment following emigration. The partnership offers a series of workshops focused on cross-cultural exchange, health, and well-being within Charlottesville's refugee and immigrant communities. Projects are currently underway with leaders within Charlottesville's Bhutanese-Nepali and Latino communities. For more information, please contact Leigh Freilich, LCSW.

My life has been enriched by the women I have met while I have attended weekly support groups. Before, I had no friends and I was all alone. I had no hope and I was fragile....I am still learning how to find love and how to let it find me.
— TWI client